Amazon Range


The requirements

On the occasion of having a series of visual contents for its sales channel on Amazon, the Marketing Department of Pikolin asked us to carry out this unique project, consisting of 36 videos.

Our approach

After carrying out, together with the client, an exhaustive pre-production work, we classified the different models of mattresses so that during the production we could move from one to the next in the most agile way, repeating with all of them the same types of shots.

At the same time we conducted the casting of the models, counting for it with the collaboration of our usual agencies.

Videoframe from product video for Pikolin,showing the correct resting posture on a mattress

Once in postproduction, we carried out the usual color grading of shots, along with the inclusion of texts and graphics.

Videoframe from a product video, showing the different layers of a Pikolin mattress

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