Our philosophy? Always focused on Value

In VÓRTICE, quality and constant innovation have always marked our day to day.

Thus, as early as 2004, we were one of the first production companies in Spain to adopt High Definition (HD-1080p) as a standard format for the creation of Video Content. Today we remain faithful to this ideal, carrying out all our productions from the most demanding approaches, through the various formats of Ultra High Definition (UHD) for available Digital Cinematography (2K, 4K, 6K ...).

On the other hand, our specialization in the generation of 3D Content allows us to generate any model, animation, or visual effect (VFX) that is needed, adapted to the medium and format required.

Contributing to complete our know-how, we have proven experience in the development of Interactive Content, through the software development oriented to web and mobile devices.



Unique and innovative responses to each new project.



Experts in the creation of premium content for any media.



Always a quality reference, thanks to our approach and experience.

Any medium. Any format.

Working in the digital field, together with our multidisciplinary nature, allows us to adapt any content to the medium and format required. Thus, the same project can be directed to different audiences, both from the beginning and in subsequent revisions.

Example of content taken to multiple formats and media
Enfoque de contenidos 360º

360º Focus

A perfect example of the synergies that can be exploited when obtaining communication contents is what we illustrate here with the passage from a product video based on real image (A), to a series of awesome 3D animations (B), whose models are reused in the development of a visualization web tool (C), and can even be transferred to an Augmented Reality experience (D).

Therefore, no matter if that promotion, marketing or training project you have in mind, takes the form of a corporate video or a TV commercial, a 3D animation or motion-graphics, a web development or an app for mobile devices; we will find the way to materialize it in the most clear, attractive and effective way. Shall we talk?


Throughout its 20 years of existence, our company's professional work has won several prizes and awards. In view of this, we can only be proud to be considered a clear reference in such a dynamic and promising sector as ours.

iDEA logo

iDEA Award to the Best Business Project

IAF / Dpto. de Industria del Gobierno de Aragón

Unizar's Spin-Off logo

Best SPIN-Off Project

Gobierno de Aragón - Universidad de Zaragoza consortium

Vendor logo

VENDOR Award to the Best Junior Company

Marketing Club of Zaragoza

Likewise, since 2005 we have been approved as an Innovative Technology-Based Company (EIBT) by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, by virtue of the development of our core "know-how" based on new technologies, both through sophisticated technical procedures and generalist research.

EIBT logo

Innovative Technology-Based Company

Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness

The Team

The creation of premium content that communicates well requires a combination of very different factors, mixed in the right measure.

In VÓRTICE we have a first class team, focused on solutions. An experienced staff with diverse and complementary training, covering management, creative, artistic and technological profiles.

Alfonso Sánchez Calvo portrait

Alfonso Sánchez Calvo

Video Content

José Miguel Aragüés Dufol portrait

José Miguel Aragüés Dufol

3D Content

Mario A. Martínez Latorre portrait

Mario A. Martínez Latorre

Interactive Content

From this core group, and depending on the size and time frame of each project, we configure the necessary work group with the most suitable collaborators. In this way, we achieve exceptional efficiency and response capacity, which is key to get great results even under the tightest deadlines.

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