Sharing insights

In a sector as dynamic as ours, there are many trends and ideas coming from very different fields, ranging from the artistic trends of the moment to the rapid evolution of video technologies.

From these key aspects, we propose a conversation on different approaches and insights around the making of content for communication, whether it is oriented to promotion, marketing and training.

Not a Scarecrows

By Alfonso Sánchez Calvo
March 03th, 2022

If there is something we love in the world of illustration, it is having the opportunity to work on projects for children.

Basket against Cancer

By Alfonso Sánchez Calvo
January 27th, 2022

Enjoy an exciting basketball game with the stars of sports, culture and politics at the charity event "Basket against Cancer"

The nativity scene... but virtualized!

December 22th, 2021

his year we are really feeling Christmassy

Foro Caesaraugusta LowPoly

By José Miguel Aragüés Dufol
October 04th, 2021

VR and AR developments to experience the story in a more vivid and engaging way.

Backstage of Music Videos

September 02th, 2021

The recording of a backstage is an essential part of the production process of a music video

Rapid development of Interactive Content

By Mario A. Martínez Latorre
June 10th, 2021

A better approach to rapid prototyping of 3D scenes

VR 3D modeling with Tilt Brush

By Alfonso Sánchez Calvo
May 19th, 2021

Modeling in 3D space using natural gestures

Prosumer videocameras for Social Media

March 18th, 2021

All that you expected to be better than what you've finally found

Augmented Reality on the Web

By Mario A. Martínez Latorre
December 14th, 2020

Access in the easiest way, a new world of infinite possibilities

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