Product Configurator


The requirements

With an international growth supported by a dynamic and creative brand with a constant innovation mentality, imor is a leader in the manufacturing and sales of: custom-made closets, built-in closets, walk-in closets and sliding doors.

Aware of the many advantages of a 3D web configurator for a fully configurable product like theirs, this client asked us for a first phase of development, based on different ranges of their extensive catalogue.

The configurator should not only allow the visualization and configuration of the products, but also insert it in a real environment thanks to Augmented Reality (AR).

Our approach

As this is the case, we usually choose to deploy in subdomains this type of developments, so that it does not interfere with the work of the webmaster in terms of infrastructure or SEO strategies, and also have total freedom in terms of UX/UI design, taking everything to a microsite or if you prefer webapp approach, very appropriate for these uses.

Product range web launcher

Through this web solution, the user can customize every detail of the cabinet or sliding door. From the size and dimensions to the materials used.

As you make changes in real time, our web configurator will automatically calculate the approximate cost of the product. This allows you to adjust and adapt your design according to your budget and get a clear idea of the final price.

Imagine being able to change the colour of the walls, try out different types of flooring and see how they look best with your design. Our web configurator allows you to do just that. You can play with an infinite palette of colours and explore different combinations until you find the one that best suits your style and preferences.

Wardrobe configuration from 3D tool on web

In addition, it offers the option to generate a detailed document, reflecting the exact configuration that we have created with the configurator. This report can then be sent to imor as a reference for advice and closing the purchase process.

The configurator has been developed under a cross-platform approach and with a responsive design; using exclusively standard web technologies: HTML(5), CSS(3) and JavaScript(ES6+). This guarantees a smooth, fast and highly interactive experience, so you can fully enjoy customizing your cabinets and doors.

As for the 3D visualization component required in a software development of this type, the WebGL / WebXR functionalities used are fully W3C standard, thus being fully compatible with any semantic web and SEO strategy, among other aspects. For this development, an intensive use of the BabylonJS 3D engine has been carried out.

Multi-platform design of the configurator

Thus making a difference with other developments in this sector, users accessing the microsite from Android (ARCore compatible) or iOS (ARKit) devices will also be able to access their product configuration from Augmented Reality. All this from the web, without the need for native apps or the consequent cumbersome step through the various stores.

Augmented Reality visualization of the wardrobe

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The outcome

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