Backstage of Music Videos


The recording of a backstage is an essential part of the production process of a music video

In any music video production, the "backstage" has become an almost indispensable additional piece. It offers a behind-the-scenes view of the production, allowing viewers to see how the video was created.

During the production of the music video for the single "Fácil" by singer Tito Nsue, we had the opportunity to put this into practice.

Obviously, the characteristics of this type of production vary depending on the director's vision and the musical genre of the artist. However, generally speaking, a "backstage" focuses on the interaction of the production team members, including the director, producers, camera crew, and the artist or band.

Moreover, the backstage video will zoom in on more technical details of the recording process, such as lighting, camera settings, and the work of sound engineers.

Well, having said all that, we finally present to you the promised "backstage". It features a great variety of camera angles, movements, and dynamic editing. Enjoy it!

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