CITA Aragon

Gobierno de Aragón

The requirements

Located in the Aula Dei de Montañana (Zaragoza), one of the most important agricultural research campuses in the country, and with presence in the three Aragonese provinces, CITA Aragón is dedicated to the study and development of technologies, techniques and agricultural and livestock practices.

In order to publicize its work in improving productivity, sustainability and efficiency in the agricultural sector, this client asked us to produce a corporate video, showing its work both from management and laboratories as well as in the field.

Our approach

For any public organization, effective communication is essential to inform and establish a solid link with citizens, transmitting clear and concise messages, generating awareness about programs and services, and promoting participation.

The production of an institutional video for a public entity that has a presence in a vast territory encompassing the provinces of Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel, requires careful production planning, with recordings over several days.

In this case, on the one hand, a series of recordings was planned around the different research centres that CITA has, showing buildings, laboratories and other management and administration infrastructures.

Logo of the European Union program on the image of CITA laboratories.

We also collected the field work carried out by our client in various farms in the rural environment, always seeking to convey the particularities of each area, in terms of climatic conditions, types of crops, production systems and specific needs.

CITA vehicle in rural environment
CITA's work in a corn field

We are proud to collaborate with all types of public institutions to create audiovisuals that inform, educate and connect with the community.

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