We create content that makes a difference

At VÓRTICE, we offer creative and innovative solutions, perfectly measured in terms of budget and and completion time. Functional and aesthetic solutions, oriented to communicate well.

In order to achieve this objective, we start each project with a clear identification of the requirements to be met, and according to them messages to be transmitted will be articulated. Based on these messages we will develop the creativity that, once transferred to a script, will materialize in the final contents, thanks to a whole series of closely related processes.

During the making, we always put a special emphasis on an honest communication with the client through regular meetings, thanks to which he or she can check and approve the progress of the project.

Video making services

Video Content

Among the media, video is perhaps the one that allows to catch the attention of an audience more quickly, promoting in parallel the fast establishment of an emotional connection.

As a video producer, in VÓRTICE we cover the video making as a whole, from the initial conception to the final broadcast. It is a truly specialised and demanding work, in which there are a huge number of tasks to coordinate and deadlines to meet.

Video Preproduction services


We start at this initial stage from the development of the literary script, arriving then to its translation to the storyboard, the location of sets and exteriors, the casting of actors and/or extras as well as voiceovers (voice talents or dubbing actors as appropriate).

Depending of the particular nature of the project we will also undertake the selection and licensing of music themes for the score.

Video Production services


Here we consider both the recording of audio and video and also all the other tasks that run in parallel, such as transport and installation of lighting and equipment on the set, the direction of actors and/or extras, etc.

Always faithful to the highest quality level, in VÓRTICE we make all our productions under the different formats of Ultra High Definition (2.5K, 4.6K, 8K, ...) for Digital Cinematography.

Video Postproduction services


With the audio/video sequences already recorded we will move on to their ingestion of all those in our computer system, the selection of cuts and their subsequent edition.

In parallel we will deal with tasks such as the generation of graphics (2D / 3D) and visual effects (VFX), recording of speech in the studio, sound edition, etc.

We will conclude the realization of your video with color-grading and mastering.

Video Broadcasting services


As a final phase of each project, we generate the broadcast master, fullfilling the technical specifications of the medium chosen by the client.

In the case of broadcast media (TV or radio), if the client prefers, we can take care of all the details with the appropriate agency.

Lukely, when you need a video that gives you apart, transmitting an idea in the clearest, most appealing and aesthetic way, you only have to come to us. Shall we talk?

3D content making services

3D Content

At VÓRTICE we have a long experience in the development of 3D Content, with hundreds of projects carried out. It was not in vain that we began our business venture in this field of activity.

This specialization allows us to address all the different aspects of a project of this type, ranging from the adaptation of the original concept and development of the corresponding storyboard, to the rendering and final composition, through animation-oriented modeling, rigging, plugin/scripts programming, materials development, texturing, etc.

3D Visualization services


When showing any product or mechanism, sometimes still in the state of ideas or design on paper, there is nothing more direct and appealing than a brilliant 3D animation.

This type of digital content always assures us a polished aspect from the best point of view, even for the most complex mechanisms, which by the way would be impossible to achieve by recording the real element.

Real Time 3D Content services

Real Time

We adapt any geometry to a number of polygons suitable for real time (RT) applications, such as web developments, Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, etc.

In this process we always put our experience and skills at the service of a final result that is not only technically correct, but also offers the most aesthetic look.

3D Character Design and Animation services

Animated Characters

The use of an animated mascot as an ambassador of a company, brand, product or service, is always an intelligent approach of proven success.

Thanks to its capacity to react and trigger emotions, we will be able to materialize in the most effective way the values of that concept as intangible as a brand is.

Servicios de diseño y modelado para impresión 3D

3D Printing

Printing is just another way of representing any 3D content.

With this service, we bring ideas to reality through a functional physical model that materializesmodels and prototypes of creatives and designers.

We also offer our customers the management of the printing process with the main stereolithography services in the international scene.

And that's because VÓRTICE is the place to go when you need premium quality 3D Content.Shall we chat?

Interactive Development services

Web | Interactive Content

Interactive content represent a new source of value within the scope of disclosure, marketing and training. At the same time that they convey to the user a clear image of satisfaction and quality, they open the doors to an experience that places him in the role of protagonist, thus propitiating a much higher assimilation of the information received, especially in the case of contents of a certain complexity.

Tell me something and I'll forget it.
Show it to me and maybe I'll remember it.
Let me do it and I'll understand.
Confucio - 551 B.C.
Web Development services


Always paying special attention to the user experience (UX/UI) and the aesthetic component, at VÓRTICE we clearly bet on the approach of "the same software working on any device".

This leads us to the prioritization of the developments of open-source software based on web technologies, accessible with the only requirement of having a simple browser.

Mobile Development services


We carry out any kind of app development for mobile devices on both Android and iOS platforms.

Depending on the requirements of each project, we will plan the development to obtain both native and hybrid apps or even web (PWAs), avoiding in the latter case the inconvenience to have to access the "stores".

Immersive Experience Development services

Immersive Experiences

Both through mobile devices and specific equipment (HMDs), we develop the software and the contents that allow new levels of functionality in the field of immersive interactive, both at the level of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Following our web-bound basis, we offer also in this area web developments, thanks to which you can access the experience immediately from any device, without having to access any "store" to download and install an app.

e-Learning Courses Development services


We take e-learning to a completely new level by exploiting the enormous potential of the web standards (W3C) and SCORM guidelines, while emphasizing immersive interaction.

In this way, we make a difference in the didactical experience with e-Learning developments that exceed expectations.

So, when you need to have quality Interactive Content accessible from any device, no matter if it's smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, smart TVs, consoles, etc; don't doubt that we can help you. Shall we talk?

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