Sierra Nevada Facilities


The requirements

The Sierra Nevada ski resort, located in the province of Granada (Spain), is known for being one of the most important and popular ski resorts in the Iberian Peninsula.

As in any other infrastructure of this type, projects are carried out every few years to improve the experience of skiers and visitors. These projects, prior to their realization, have to be presented and promoted to different monitoring committees and even to the public.

This specific case is a perfect example, as it includes the expansion and renovation of existing infrastructure, as well as the installation of new chairlift or cable car lines, the improvement of existing ski lifts, and the construction of new buildings or facilities, among others.

It is at this point where, from VÓRTICE, we attended Doppelmayr's request, tackling this attractive project for the creation of premium audiovisual content, making intensive use of 3D resources, one of our specialities.

Our approach

In today's digital age, visual communication is key to highlight and convey the true essence of any infrastructure project.

This is where 3D content becomes one of your most powerful allies, not only helping to capture the audience's attention, but also communicating clearly and effectively the features and advantages of the technical engineering project.

3D rendering of ski infrastructures in Sierra Nevada

The traditional representation of infrastructures required physical models and static photographs, which was a long and costly process. However, 3D renderings and animations have completely revolutionized this practice.

In addition, the digital generation environment means that if design modifications or adjustments to the visual presentation are desired, these changes can be implemented quickly.

3D animation of ski infrastructures in Sierra Nevada

The outcome

So whether it's around an urban development, a state-of-the-art building or any other infrastructure project, if you're ready to take representation and outreach to the next level, our team of 3D content experts is here to help you create an impactful visual experience.

Contact us today!, and find out how we can bring your vision to life in a virtual world full of possibilities.

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