Magical Garage

Ágreda Automóvil

The requirements

There is no doubt that in the official Mercedes-Benz dealership, Ágreda Automóvil, they know perfectly well how to organize spectacular events that leave a mark in the memory of all attendees.

Aware of our specialization in the creation of premium audiovisual content, this regular client asked us to create a video that would capture the sensations and atmosphere of the "Magical Garage" event, which their Communication and Marketing Department would later use in their communication actions through social networks.

Our approach

The guidelines on which to articulate an event of this type are, of course, on the one hand, brand and product, and on the other, to convey the unique and careful existing environment.

In this case, different vehicles from the customer's electric mobility ranges were presented, which we proceeded to record from both the exterior and the interior, showing the careful design, finishes and performance.

Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle on display at Magical Garage event

Special mention should be made of the impressive recreational estate, near Saragossa, specially themed to host this unique celebration, with various tents, outdoor recreational spaces, as well as a host of music and entertainment shows, exceeding all expectations.

Lively atmosphere at the Magical Garage event
Night aera view of the Magical Garage event

In short, an event organized by Agreda Automovil certainly unforgettable, thanks to the combination of elegance, entertainment and emotion.

These were sensations that, through the audiovisual produced for the occasion, we were able to transmit to everyone who did not attend the event, proving once again that nowadays content marketing is a key element in any communication strategy.

Therefore, if you have a project of this type in hand, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

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