Lipofilling Surgery

Clínica García-Dihinx

The requirements

García-Dihinx Clinic, with offices in Madrid, Malaga and Zaragoza, is a national reference in cosmetic surgery, thanks to its specialization in the most innovative techniques, including "lipofilling".

In order to strengthen its channels in social networks, we were asked by this client to carry out a series of videos with different types of surgical interventions.

Our approach

Video projects around surgical interventions are always complex in many aspects, starting with the necessary asepsis of the recording equipment to be used in the operating room.

Likewise, in order not to interfere with the development of medical professionals while none of the key actions of the intervention are left unrecorded, it is essential to plan the location of the camera operator in the operating theatre at all times.

Videoframe showing a general view of the operating room at the start of cosmetic surgery

To all this we must add that, in order not to hurt sensibilities, when this type of video is aimed at the general public, the special nature of the recorded images forces us to adopt a certain self-censorship in the selection of shots.

Videoframe showing a detail of several surgical instruments

In order to obtain a more pulished content for the communication actions of the client, it was decided to introduce also at the beginning of each video a small explanation of the intervention, carried out by the surgeon in charge.

A sequence showing the patient before and after the aesthetic operation was also included, at the end of the videos.

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