Person Lift


The Requirements

Eleser, a company specialized in the manufacturing and installation of elevators and freight elevators, required us to undertake an audiovisual project consisting of a 3D animation video as well as static renders, to promote their Person Lift model.

The main objective was to highlight the features and advantages of this specific elevator model, a solution for accessibility in existing buildings, including the adaptation of spaces for installation, reduced pit, and no need for a machine room.

It was necessary to emphasize the easy installation, low energy consumption, and high load capacity of the elevator. Additionally, the video had to showcase certain configuration options available, thus highlighting the versatility and adaptability of Eleser's lifting solutions.

Our approach

Our immediate thought for this project was to create a video and static renders that effectively highlighted both the technical features and benefits of the Person Lift. To achieve this, and as it couldn't be otherwise, we began by thoroughly understanding the product specifications and the key points Eleser wanted to communicate.

From there, through 3D renders, both static and animated, we showed how the elevator could be integrated into existing buildings, emphasizing the adaptation of spaces and installation in reduced pits. These images were complemented with explanatory texts describing the technical features and advantages of the Person Lift.

3D render

The team worked closely with Eleser to ensure that every aspect of both, video and renders, effectively communicated the message of accessibility and value that the Person Lift brings to homes.

3d render

The outcome

The final result is a promotional video and a series of static renders that effectively highlight the features and benefits of the Person Lift, showing how their product can significantly improve the accessibility and value of existing buildings.

The video and renders not only reinforce Eleser's reputation as an innovator in lifting solutions but also provide valuable tools for their marketing and sales strategies, attracting potential customers interested in improving the accessibility of their buildings.

If, like Eleser, you believe that your product or service deserves the best presentation; don't hesitate to contact us.

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