Hydraulic Lifts Simulator


The requirements

Docensas, a recognized leader in specialized training for the elevator sector, faced the challenge of creating an eLearning certification course in the field of hydraulic elevators that not only met rigorous educational standards but also leveraged advanced technologies to enhance the learning experience.

In this regard, the use of the SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) format was required, allowing for easy integration and tracking of content in learning management systems (LMS), ensuring both accessibility and effective progress tracking for students.

Our approach

Meeting the educational and technical requirements of the project, we adopted a comprehensive approach that spans from planning to implementation.

All of this was specifically designed to provide maintenance technicians with comprehensive and practical training; this implies not only understanding technical procedures but also developing practical skills to identify and resolve problems efficiently and safely in real-world environments.

Planning / Pre-production

As a first step in the realization, meetings were held with elevator maintenance and safety experts proposed by the client to fully understand the specific processes and challenges related to the course.

This allowed us to develop a mental map to carry out a structured plan that comprehensively addresses the techniques and procedures required for the inspection and maintenance of landing and cabin doors.

Development of Interactive Content

One of the cornerstones of this certification course was the implementation of interactive 3D content through a WebGL engine.

Adjusting the threaded rod of the parachute valve activity

The WebGL technology implements a standard for handling 3D graphics especially optimized for the web, allowing for the creation of the interactive and realistic experiences essential for the effective training of maintenance technicians as required by Docensas.

Thus, virtual environments were recreated to accurately simulate the working context of an elevator technician. The 3D scenes included three-dimensional models of the various locations where adjustments must be made in the hydraulic system within a typical elevator installation; allowing students to explore each component and make adjustments.

Each interaction in the simulations was designed to provide immediate and guided feedback, which is crucial for reinforcing learning and ensuring a deep understanding of the imparted knowledge.

Evaluation and Feedback

At the end of the development of each course, we included interactive evaluations to measure the students' understanding and ability to detect and resolve faults.

Throughout this process, we provided detailed reports and personalized feedback to our client, helping them identify areas for improvement.

Deployment and Support

We delivered SCORM packages ready to be implemented in the client's favorite LMS platform, providing a detailed guide for installation and configuration or, if agreed, proceeding to carry out the implementation ourselves.

Throttle screw adjustment activity in the hydraulic central

The outcome

The certification online course in hydraulic central maintenance for piston elevators has exceeded the established educational and technical objectives, setting a new standard in specialized training for the elevator sector.

According to the client, participants in this course not only acquire theoretical knowledge but also develop essential practical skills to effectively and safely maintain hydraulic centrals.

The intensive use of advanced technologies such as WebGL has enriched the learning experience by realistically simulating complex and varied scenarios, essential for the professional development of technicians.

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