Solutrans Circular Display


The requirements

LeciTrailer, the European leader in the manufacture of trailers and semi-trailers, commissioned us to create a series of audiovisual content to celebrate their 30th anniversary in France during the Solutrans industry fair.

Solutrans is a biennial meeting held in Lyon, France, and these videos were to be shown on a loop on a circular screen 21 meters in diameter and 3 meters high, located at their 450 m² booth.

The content had to include significant graphic elements such as the French flag, a heart, the LeciTrailer logo, and various commemorative texts, creating an impactful and emotional visual experience for attendees.

Our approach

To meet LeciTrailer's requirements, we adopted a strategic and creative approach that we can clearly divide into different stages:

Planning / Pre-production

We held detailed meetings with LeciTrailer's Communications and MKT departments to understand the importance of the event and their vision for this visual content.

Based on the gathered information, we then developed a "storyboard" that integrated the key graphic elements, ensuring a coherent and attractive visual narrative.

Creation of 2D animations

Next, we materialized the key graphic elements through "motion graphics", combining them via animation. Thus, we designed a heart formed from a ribbon with the colors of the French flag, symbolizing LeciTrailer's passion and commitment to the French market.

We also incorporated various commemorative texts highlighting the milestones achieved over these 30 years, using animation effects to keep the viewers' attention. Of course, we also introduced the LeciTrailer logo, ensuring it was prominently and harmoniously present with the other elements on the screen.

Production of the looped video

Due to the uniqueness of the exhibition screen for the visuals, we combined the animations into a series of continuous videos, specifically designed to play on a loop without interruptions on the large circular screen.

We also adjusted the speed and transition of the animations to ensure the content flowed organically.


With all of this, we ensured the videos were optimized for the large circular screen, maintaining both visual quality and smoothness in all transitions.

We delivered a series of high-quality videos, ready to be shown on a loop during the Solutrans fair.

 LeciTrailer's stand at the last Soutrans international fair

The outcome

At events like Solutrans, audiovisual content takes center stage, and at VÓRTICE, we specialize in their creation and adaptation to any dissemination format so they look fantastic.

The combination of symbolic element motion graphics and a design optimized for the circular screen created a memorable impact on all attendees at the event, meeting the client's requirements and contributing to the success of the celebration.

Therefore, if you also want to impress your audience with a dissemination format that goes beyond the usual, don't hesitate to contact us through any of the channels we provide. We will be delighted to advise you on the best communication for your new brand, product, or service.

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