Social Networks

Ágreda Automóvil

The requirements

Ágreda Automóvil responsibles, official Mercedes-Benz and SMART dealership and workshop in Zaragoza, required us to make a series of promotional videos, with the aim of dynamizing their marketing and sales channels through Social Networks.

These contents had to communicate effectively, while attractive, the various promotions for new and used vehicles that the client usually launches.

In this way, the production of 5 different videos per month was planned, all of it respecting the corporate guidelines of the brand and having the intervention of different company managers on camera.

Our approach

For the realization of this project, with the objective of balancing quality and costs, we proposed to the client a format articulated on the voice-over of the different scripts made by the communication managers of the client.

Supporting the narration in the camera interventions, with direct sound, of each person, we recorded sequences of dynamic shots of the vehicles and their components. We choose to record with the help of a crane and travelling, so that each shot is descriptive and alive, thus avoiding flat approaches.

All this without neglecting the usual plans of the customer's facilities in both Zaragoza and Lerida, which were recorded both from the ground and from the air, using drone at UHD 4K resolution and digital film quality.

In this respect, we always prefer to use HDR at VÓRTICE, achieving with it a greater dynamic range both in color and contrast, so that the finishes of the vehicles are faithfully reproduced, while solving the extreme differences between the areas of high and low lights, common in the reflections of light on the shiny metal surfaces of the car bodies.

A dynamic video edition leads to a lively narration that emphasizes the company's vision and the maximum quality of its products.

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