Aragón DIH

Gobierno de Aragón

The requirements

Institutional informative video about the Aragon DIH program, promoted by the Government of Aragon and financed by the European Union through FEDER.

This initiative, launched by the Technological Institute of Aragon (ITAINNOVA), is materialized through an ecosystem composed of SMEs, large companies, start-ups, researchers, accelerators and investors, with the aim of creating the best conditions for business success through the use of digital opportunities.

Videoframe taken from a post-produced stock 3d animation

Our approach

A concept as abstract as the commitment to a digital, green and social Aragon, through new technologies, requires an approach based on images that evoke all those immaterial issues, accompanying and supporting the narrative voice overs.

In this last respect and in collaboration with our usual professional sound studio, the corresponding selection casting was carried out, always taking into account the client's indications as to having a female voice with a subtle youthful tone.

Videoframe taken from a post-produced stock video

As for the images that would make up the video, when exclusivity is not required, or the time or budget needed to register them is not available, the use of sequences provided by the client or licensed in a stock video service, is the option to follow.

In any case, given the disparity in quality and photographic approaches of the video sources, it will be essential to ensure the cohesion of the whole at a visual level, through a careful digital color grading, as well as the inclusion of unifying elements, such as different visual effects.

Along with this, an appropriate soundtrack will be crucial, taking into account the changes in narrative tension between the different passages of the audiovisual work.

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