River Hall Center

Entre3 Arquitectos

The requirements

Entre3 architecture studio commissioned us to make a video and a series of photographic integrations showing the future appearance of a unique building that would be located on the banks of the river Ebro, as it passes through Zaragoza.

Our approach

After receiving the CAD files of the building, we proceeded to adapt them to our workflow for 3D CGIs, refining geometries and adding elements to the environment, in order to obtain a series of 3D models suitable for the construction of the scene, which would later be animated.

As an aesthetic solution for this project, we opted for a model aspect, also introducing silhouetted elements that would give the whole a hint of elegance and sophistication.

With the final 3D scene already constructed, we proceeded with the animation, proposing the different sequences of camera movements, aimed at establishing the adequate narrative rhythm.

En lo referente a las integraciones solicitadas por el cliente, sobre una serie de fotografías se llevaron a cabo los habituales procesos de armonización de perspectiva e iluminación de la escena 3D para, tras su renderizado a alta definición, pasar a la etapa de retoque, obteniéndose un resultado espectacular y de total satisfacción para el cliente.

Regarding the integration images requested by the client, the usual processes of harmonization of perspective and illumination of the 3D scene were carried out in order to move on to the retouching stage, obtaining an awesome result of total satisfaction for the client.

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