Inebriated Faun

Ayto. de Zaragoza

The requirements

The city of Saragossa, with its more than 2000 years of history, undoubtedly has a rich archaeological heritage. Among the remains brought to light, those belonging to the Roman era occupy an important place, from which pieces that are certainly unique have been recovered over the years.

In this context, we found a sculpture with the classic motif of the inebriated faun, for whose promotion we were asked by the city's Museums Department to create a video.

Our approach

Based on the large amount of historical and archaeological documentation provided to us, we proposed the realization of this video by means of animated 3D CGIs.

For the introduction, we carried out a reconstruction of the Saragossa of the first century, showing it from a bird's eye view.

Moreover, a typical roman house was also built in 3D, with its ornamental elements around the typical porticoed patio, where the central piece of the narration was located, a reclining statue representing an inebriated faun next to a pond.

3D animation frame showing a general view of an ancient Rome courtyard

We opted for a realistic aesthetic, as this would best be integrated into the museum environment in which the work would be displayed.

3D animation frame with a subjective view of an ancient Rome courtyard

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