The requirements

The "Mine the Gap" project is a corporate audiovisual project carried out for the ICAMCyL Foundation, focusing on highlighting their activities in collaboration with several European companies in the mining sector.

These companies collaborate with ICAMCyL on various strategic projects funded by the EU, so one of the requirements of the video was to incorporate testimonials from representatives of these European companies, highlighting the benefits derived from working on joint projects.

Our approach

The video not only needed to highlight the strategic collaborations between ICAMCyL and its European partners but also emphasize the benefits and concrete results of these projects, focusing on their utility: advancing the mining sector and the European economy overall.

Highly elevated aerial view of an open-pit mine

To achieve this, we managed the selection and hiring of various video production companies in several European countries, which were responsible for recording testimonials from different representatives of EU mining companies.

In addition, these on-camera testimonials were combined with audiovisual material provided by the client, as well as 2D animations to clearly and effectively visualize the most complex processes and technical information.

On-camera testimonial from one of the members of the ICAMCyL Foundation
Several members of the ICAMCyL Foundation at a mining extraction treatment facility

The result

The final result is a corporate video showcasing the strategic collaborations between ICAMCyL and European mining companies in EU-funded projects.

The video highlights the testimonials of company representatives, client-provided audiovisual contents and 2D animations, clearly illustrating the achievements and impact of these projects on the European mining sector.

This audiovisual content positions ICAMCyL as a leader in promoting international cooperation and innovation in the mining sector, strengthening its reputation as a key entity in the sustainable economic and technological development of Spain and the continent.

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