FCH2RAIL Journey Begins


The requirements

For the FCH2RAIL project, funded by European funds, CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles) requested us to create a video documenting the tests of the hydrogen demonstrator train on the Zaragoza - Canfranc line.

This European Union initiative aims to develop clean and sustainable technologies for railway transport, demonstrating the potential of hydrogen as an alternative energy source in the sector.

The audiovisual project set goals to highlight international collaboration and technological innovation in the railway sector, emphasizing CAF's role as a leader in implementing advanced and sustainable railway solutions.

To achieve this, videos and photographs should be recorded at various locations on this spectacular railway line, one of the most iconic in Spain.

Our approach

During pre-production, based on the information provided by the client over numerous meetings, our work on this project had to start with intensive location scouting, both on-site and remotely, aimed at identifying the best viewpoints along the Zaragoza to Canfranc railway route.

It should be noted that to synchronize the <video shooting team with the hydrogen train's passage through the chosen locations, it was necessary to geolocate the train at all times along its journey. In this regard, this line is characterized by its rugged layout, with extensive areas of difficult road access and little or no phone coverage.

During the several days of outdoor recording, we focused on capturing both the natural majesty of the route, which includes the impressive Mallos de Riglos and several valleys of the Pyrenees, and the historical and monumental significance of the Canfranc station, highlighting its unique architecture and its role as a cultural and historical landmark.

Aereal takes in UHD
Aereal takes in UHD

Additionally, the audiovisual includes a series of passages showing location maps and 3D animations of the route's topography.

Maps 2D animation
Orographu 3D aniamation

The outcome

The final result is a video that not only fulfills its role as a "mandatory deliverable" within the FCH2RAIL project, documenting the hydrogen train tests on the Zaragoza - Canfranc line, but also highlights the natural and cultural beauty of the surroundings.

Contributing to promoting technological innovation and sustainability in European railway transport, this project reinforces CAF's position as a leader in implementing advanced and eco-friendly railway solutions.

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