Webapp TowBox AR-VR

Enganches Aragón

The Requirements

Enganches Aragón is a company renowned for its leadership in the manufacturing and marketing of high-quality hitches and trailers for its international clientele.

The augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) web app that this regular client requested us to develop had the main objective of allowing users to explore their TowBox models without physically having one in front of them, through a realistic experience.

TowBox AR-VR webapp displayed on various devices

Our approach

Our plan for this project focused on leveraging the advantages of a web application over a traditional native app, such as accessibility from any browser without installation and the ability for instant updates for all users.

Regarding the augmented reality experience itself, we implemented it using advanced technologies such as ARCore on the Chrome browser for Android device users. For iOS users, we used Quick Look to facilitate viewing of the TowBox models in the Safari browser.

Augmented reality experience with a TowBox V2 Camper finish placed on a red Audi vehicle
Augmented reality experience with a TowBox V2 Camper finish placed on a blue BMW vehicle

Taking a step further in adopting a truly "responsive" approach, for those devices that do not support augmented reality (such as desktop computers), we provided the option to display the TowBox in a virtual reality showroom developed using a WebGL engine.

Virtual reality showroom displaying a TowBox V3 with Classic finish
TowBox AR-VR webapp on a mobile device

The outcome

The augmented and virtual reality web app developed for Enganches Aragón has transformed the way users interact with TowBox products, offering a detailed and personalized visualization.

This fluid and immersive solution not only acts as a catalyst in the purchasing process but also strengthens our client's digital presence and image of innovation in the hitches and trailers sector.

Thus, we are delighted to have collaborated with Enganches Aragón on this project and look forward to continuing to support them in future technological initiatives.

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