Caesaraugusta Forum

Ayto. de Zaragoza

The requirements

Regarding tourism and culture promotion, the Zaragoza City Council asked us to make a video that would transport us to the ancient Roman Caesaraugusta, so that we could admire the grandeur of the city's Forum at that far time.

Our approach

From the copious information provided by the client, we proceeded to the complete recreation through 3D CGIs of the Roman Forum, with its temple and equestrian statue of Emperor Tiberius.

This type of video making project, focused on the virtual recreation of heritage, requires a lot of documentation, so that it is possible to model each of the elements that make up the 3D scenes.

The video is articulated by means of the camera animation through a fluid narration, which shows us from different points of view the magnificence of the Forum, in a series of sequences that culminate before the great statue of Tiberius.

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