Montecorvo Ecocity

Grupo LMB

The requirements

The LMB Group has a long experience in the construction, promotion and management of all types of real state properties, operating in La Rioja, Navarra, Aragon, the Basque Country and the Valencian Community, through its related companies and/or investees.

With the aim of having premium content for its Montecorvo Ecocity project promotion, this client asked us to make an outstanding video with the emphasis on energy efficiency in building and sustainable urbanism.

Our approach

Since the conception of this project it has been clear to us that, since it was a project that only existed on paper, it would be necessary to support the narration at a visual level with elements generated both by means of visual effects (VFX) and 3D CGIs.

To give cohesion to the story, we considered the figure of a designer in his studio, who shows his daughter a model of a unique city. Before the astonished eyes of the girl, the model comes to life proceeding to a detailed explanation of the different characteristics of the eco-city.

Detail of 3D animation elements in corporate video

In the realization of this project there are many of the tasks that can be found in the making of a high-budget video. All of them carried out by VÓRTICE, and that go from the recording with actors in indoor and outdoor locations, to the generation of virtual elements of all kinds.

Videoframe showing the integration of a real vehicle on 3D models, appearing in the background

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