Neff at Home

Neff (BSH Group)

The requirements

Series of brand and product videos, which, in parallel with the presentation of the "Neff at home" service, will review the main home appliances of this brand, a quality reference in the market.

The service here presented consists of specialized advice, free of charge and in the home, during which the correct state of each purchased appliance is checked, accompanied by a detailed explanation of its operation and maintenance.

Our approach

With the participation of nationally renowned actors, and registered as digital cinematography content at UHD resolution, the production took place in the Neff showroom located in Madrid.

The great diversity of home appliances that were mentioned in the script, made it very clear from the beginning that several days of production would be necessary.

In this respect, it is worth mentioning the difficulty that always accompanies the photography of products with stainless-steel finishes, which produce a large amount of reflections, requirring a very careful planning of the lighting at the recording set, so that the tonal quality of the image is not affected.

Frame from product video around Neff ovens, showing a detail of the temperature control knob
Frame from product video, showing different user manuals and warranty cards

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