Hydraulic Powerplants


The requirements

On this occasion, SAICA asked us to carry out a series of interactive training software applications around three of the main models of hydraulic powerplants used in its manufacturing facilities.

The aim of this software would be to serve as a training tool for the maintenance operators.

Our approach

To meet the specifications of this project, we carried out a series of training contents for three different hydraulic power plants, under the umbrella of a same software suite.

The software was implemented under the form o web applications, using standardized HTML-CSS-JavaScript technologies, which makes it very lightweight, while "future-proof", being executable on any computer with the only requirement of having a web browser, without the need to install any third party components.

The different contents were put together in the form of text, photographs and documentation of components, hydraulic circuits, as well as animations showing the progress of the fluid.

Distribution of functional blocks in e-learning tool developed for SAICA

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