MP Lifts

The requirements

With headquarters in Seville and Zaragoza, MP Ascensores is one of the main lift and scalators manufacturers in Spain.

A firm commitment to innovation is the hallmark of this company, for which we have carried out projects of all kinds over the years, both in the format of video, 3D contents and interactives.

On this occasion, the client asked us to carry out a video on a new door operator, which is already in the process of being patented.

Our approach

After an in detal study of project's requirements, we came to the conclusion that, being a complex mechanism made up of a large amount of moving elements, the best option for implementation was the use of animated 3D CGIs.

In this way, after receiving the corresponding CAD files from the customer's Technical Office, we proceeded to generate the different 3D models. After that, the application of materials and textures was carried out, as well as the lighting of the scene.

At the same time, the design of animation rigging for the various components of the mechanism had to be achieved. These types of animations must always be identical to those that will be found in the real model of the product, which is why their development requires extensive knowledge of mechanics, as well as supervision by the customer's technical staff.

3D animation frame showing a detail of the assembly of an elevator car door operator
3D animation frame showing a detail of bolt placement in a lift

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