Gobierno Vasco

The requirements

Promotion video about the life of the inhabitants of the Cantabrian coast in the Palaeolithic period.

Kobenkoba is the first interpretation centre for Palaeolithic rock art in Europe, installed in one of the places where human beings began to express their artistic concerns: the cave.

With a totally accessible underground route, this natural location is the ideal scenario where to offer the visitor a trip to the Palaeolithic world, to once again contemplate that first artistic expression of humanity.

Our approach

This video was intended to be displayed in the incomparable environment of a natural cave, in super-panoramic format through five Full HD screens, and a 8.1 Surround system.

Diagrams of the location of video and audio monitors, in the natural cave where it is exhibited

The exhibition of the work through five synchronized screens opened the door to different compositions.

All this had to be taken into account in the preproduction of the project, starting with the development of a detailed storyboard.

Storyboard describing different actions of this video, about the first settlers of the Cantabrian coast

To take full advantage of such a panoramic display format (9:1) as this project, it was necessary to have a digital cinematography recording equipment that, in parallel with its unsurpassed image quality, allowed us to access the necessary UHD resolution.

The recording of the footage was carried out in natural environments in Aragon, the Basque Country and Cantabria during a week of hard production.

Several snapshots of the production of this video

Throughout its 15' duration, and supported by a carefully edited soundtrack, the final result is undoubtedly up to the expectations placed on it, having also received the best reviews in the short film competitions to which it has been presented.

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