Portalet Park


The requirements

Aramon is the first Spanish business Group of Snow and mountain tourism.

In order to comply with the actions foreseen in its communication plan, the people in charge of the Marketing Department of this client asked us to create a video on a new leisure area in the ski resort of Formigal.

This new recreational offer would be distributed in six well differentiated areas, which we had to emphasize: tubing, snake-gliss, ski-bike, snowmobiles, dog sleds (mushing) and snow-karts.

Our approach

Since the construction of the facilities to be promoted has not yet been completed, a video production based on recorded footage was out from the outset.

In this way, we had to rely exclusively on photographic resources of the six activities, as well as on a series of sketches of the facilities.

Although the use of static contents such as those mentioned, always represents a certain "handicap" when it comes to transmitting a message as dynamic and fun as the one we are looking for, we knew how to make up for this lack by opting for a very lively video edition, based on animations and a large amount of visual effects (VFX).

In videos with a high narrative rhythm, made from photographs, it is necessary to resort to a severe post-production
Post-production and a very sharp editing are basic recipes to give dynamism to a sports or action video

Through the insertion of location plans for each of the leisure areas, we achieved the double objective of informing about the variety of the offer, while structuring the narration in homogeneous blocks.

Adding animated video layers adds dynamism to static footage

As a result, throughout its almost 2 minutes of duration, this video manages to show in a very dynamic and colorful way, the attractive of these snow activities.

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