Super Paquito Tablet


The requirements

On this occasion, the well-known toy-maker company Imaginarium asked us to create a TV spot around its "Super Paquito" tablet, designed by and for children.

The realization of this video had to be carried out within a very tight deadline, since the broadcasts were scheduled for the following week.

Our approach

Always taking into account the briefing of this project, we opted for a focus based on 3D CGIs with very dynamic animations.

In this way, we developed a detailed storyboard that goes beyond the physical device and focuses on the software that accompanies it as a bundle.

Detail of the storyboard made for this Imaginarium TV commercial

Through this approach, we were able to take full advantage of the different apps available for this tablet, as well as the attractive design of the icons and other graphic elements of the user interface.

3D animation frame showing different elements of the Super Paquito tablet interface
3D animation frame with different views of the Super Paquito tablet

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