VLT Tramway Cabin


The requirements

CAF is one of the world's leading manufacturers in the rail transport sector.

With the aim of having some premium content to support their Marketing and Communication actions around their innovative VLT cabins, they asked us to make a product video.

In order to support the technical sales work, this video had to show, in an exhaustive but attractive way, the multiple characteristics and components of the cabin and the driving desk, as well as various aspects of its ergonomics.

3D animation videoframe showing different dimensions of a light-railway cab manufactured by CAF

Our approach

From the adaptation of CAD models provided by the customer, we conceived a 3' video, entirely made by means of animated 3D CGIs.

Storyboard developed in the pre-production stage of the audiovisual project

Starting with the access to the cabin, through the safety glass door, the narration shows the driving position through a series of overviews, allow the location of the viewer.

The next step is to go over the details that make up the driving desk, as well as the various cabinets and equipment.

3D animation videoframe showing details of the dashboard of a light rail cab by CAF

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