Together Making Shops

HMY Group

The requirements

From the Department of Communication and Marketing of HMY Group, we were asked to make a series of corporate videos, showing the global dimension of the company.

With the aim of providing a genuine vision of its implementation, the client asked us to travel with a recording staff to different countries where they run logistics or production facilities.

Our approach

During two very intense months of work, we travelled to Turkey, China, France, the United Kingdom and Brazil. In the following weeks we also visited different Spanish locations.

In the different countries we carried out the recording, at UHD resolution and in Digital Cinematography format, both inside the client's facilities and in many of the shops they have installed.

The result is a video series that serve the different segments that make up the HMY market.

To articulate the different blocks, a series of sequences were generated in post-production, by means of animated 3D CGIs.

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