Atlas Copco

The requirements

Atlas Copco is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial tools and equipment.

To show the main technical characteristics of one of its autonomous lighting systems, the QLT H50, the Communication and Marketing Department of this regular customer asked us to make a product video combining the informative function with outstanding visuals.

Our approach

When showing any machinery or mechanism to a specific target audience, two things are always sought: an impeccable appearance and total clarity in the explanations of its operation.

With these two premises covered we guarantee that the message is the right one, but how to attract the attention of the receiver?, and once it is achieved, how to keep their interest for as long as our message lasts? For us, the answer is very clear: through a terrific staging.

Videoframe from a 3D animation showing an Atlas Copco machinery

In this context, the realization of a video that, by means of 3D CGI animation techniques, guides us through a dynamic, fresh and ultimately visually appealing narrative, is always a winning bet.

In VÓRTICE we are specialists in everything related to the generation of 3D content, thanks to which we can obtain video sequences that, if faced with the real-footage recording of the product, would be extraordinarily expensive or directly impossible to achieve.

Videoframe showing 3D text integrated into a video sequence

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