Explosive Decontamination


The requirements

The public company EMGRISA provides a wide range of services aimed at environmental conservation, including the decontamination of soil with the presence of explosives, generally in shooting and blasting areas belonging to the army.

In order to have premium contents to support the commercial promotion of this type of unique projects, the client asked us to make a video recording images of one of its operations, on the grounds of the San Gregorio Military Training Centre in Zaragoza.

Videoframe  showing the blasting area at San Gregorio, Zaragoza

Our approach

Based on the works planning by the client, we proceeded to identify the main milestones to be reached during the days that the decontamination tasks would last.

With this information, we drew up our recording schedule, tooking into account the need for recordings of secondary tasks, which, when used as editing resources, would allow us to make the video edition more dynamic and appealing.

Videoframe showing excavation work fior the decontamination of soil with explosives
Videoframe showing the handling of explosives recovered from a field

In order to provide the video with a well defined structure, in which the different phases of the decontamination work are well marked, different lower-thirds, with a military-like graphic aesthetics, were used.

3D and 2D animations were also used to explain, in a schematic way, those processes that, due to their complex nature, were not completely clear.

3D animation frame showing different hazards due to soil contamination

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