Factory Facilities


The requirements

Wittur is a world leader in the supply of components for the elevator industry, with special expertise in the design and manufacture of doors.

Among its different worldwide locations, Zaragoza houses both a modern manufacturing plant and one of the seven existing Competence Centers.

After having proceeded to a complete remodeling of its facilities, we were required to realize a corporate video through which to transfer to customers, suppliers and shareholders both the production capacity and the high standards of quality assurance achieved.

Videoframe from a corporate video for Wittur, showing the Saragossa' facilities

Our approach

In the making of a corporate video, it is always necessary to reach a compromise between the natural tendency of the client to mention each and every area of the company, and the suitability of not extending the narration beyond a duration that could be set at 3'.

However, this lenght figure is decreasing year by year, as the content becomes more and more succinct as audience habits evolve, which in turn is motivated by the enormous amount of content available.

A good example of this capacity for synthesis can be found in this project, in which the narration runs dynamically and illustratively through different areas of the customer's facilities, ranging from the showroom area, to the door manufacturing area, through the assembly of operators and automated warehouse, to end up in the test tower

Videoframe from a corporate video, showing a elevator door assembly line

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