The requirements

The Design and Engineering Department of Wittur, a company specialized in the manufacture of elevator components, asked us to make a series of training videos, addressed to assembly and maintenance personnel.

The objective was to show in detail all the steps of the assembly of an elevator, from the reception of the material in its different boxes, to the mechanical assembly.

At the same time, we also had to deal in other videos with the electrical part of the system and the existing safety systems for maintenance.

Our approach

This kind of training video projects, where important amounts of documentation are given, are without any doubt one of our main strengths here at VÓRTICE.

This time we chose to carry out the whole project by means of animated 3D CGIs, in order to show in the cleanest way the different assembly processes, choosing in each video sequence the most appropriate point of view.

Contributing to this didactic and clear approach in the visuals, we chose a cartoon-like aesthetics for the rendering.

3D animation frame showing different details of assembly documentation of lifts
3D animation frame showing the relationship between different electrical components of a lift

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