QIS-AR app

Chicago Pneumatic

The requirements

Chicago Pneumatic is a global supplier of high quality equipment and tools for professionals.

In order to give the brochure of its generators a disruptive dimension, we were asked to develop an Augmented Reality (AR) app for mobile devices, which would show both the product and its main functionalities.

Our approach

The solution demanded by the client constitutes the classic case of use of the Augmented Reality based on featured markers; this time the image on the cover of a commercial leaflet.

Brochure used as an entry marker to the Augmented Reality, developed for Chicago Pneumatic

Thanks to the advanced image recognition algorithms, this solution offers a great robustness and can be used on almost any graphic element or image, not being necessary any alteration of the printed material that the customer already has.

Regarding the software, we opted for the implementation of this project through a native app (in its Android and iOS versions), without using any framework or third party engine, except for the one dedicated to the Augmented Reality functionality, which was strictly necessary.

Joven empleando una app nativa de Realidad Aumentada desarrollada sobre Android e iOS para Chicago Pneumatic

Our extensive experience in software development allows us to adopt this type of integrated approach, thanks to which we have total control of the code, thus ensuring the greatest optimization of computing, memory and storage needs. All of this results in both greater stability and a drastic reduction (if not total elimination) of the costs of third parties licenses.

As for the 3D CGIs shown as an Augmented Reality layer, a low polygonization geometry was obtained so that it was compatible with its use in an real time interactive development.

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