Alzheimer Test VR

Araclon Biotech

The requirements

The biotechnology company Araclon Biotech has created a rapid test for the early detection of Alzheimer's disease, based on the multifractional quantification of beta-amyloid in blood plasma.

For the presentation of this new test, we planned the development of a Virtual Reality (VR) immersive experience from the interior of the bloodstream, through which the characteristics and benefits of the product were shown in a spectacular way.

Our approach

To meet the customer's specifications, we developed a 360° VR video showing a first-person journey through the bloodstream, then into a syringe and on to a plasma sample.

As far as the aspect is concerned, we were inspired by sequences of the film "Innerspace", although adopting here a cleaner visual approach, in order to adapt to the informative requirements of the project.

For the making of the video sequences, we propose its complete realization through 3D contents animation, because this is the best way to achieve the impressive aspect and vertiginous dynamism sought in this case.

Also, the visualization characteristics on Virtual Reality glasses, located at such a short distance from the eyes, made us decide to use a high resolution (4K), so that the elements would never be "pixelated".

This 360 video for VR allows the viewer to be placed in the middle of the bloodstream
360 videos made using 3D animation techniques, exploit the immersive possibilities of VR to the fullest

As for the components of blood and plasma, the different types of antibodies, liposomes, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, etc., were modeled based on the information present in different medical databases open to the public. From there, the final 3D models were obtained by means of open source software, developed for this purpose by different universities.

3D rendering takes a considerable amount of time, and doing it at 4K resolution is much more demanding. By using a cloud rendering service, we were able to meet the delivery deadline without any problems.

In the medical congress in which the test was presented, this VR immersive experience was a great success for our client.

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