The requirements

Corporate video for LeciTrailer, Europe's leading manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers for the road transport of goods

The client asked us to produce a striking video that would clearly transmit its international dimension, supporting the story both in its formidable production capacity and in its firm commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

Our approach

For the realization of this project, we proposed to go a step further in what we had been doing for this client in previous occasions, incorporating a series of aerial shots of cinematographic quality.

In this sense, we used several types of their trailers materialized through animated 3D CGIs, and perfectly integrated on licensed video sequences.

As far as working with the 3D CGIs is concerned, after having confirmed the number of different trailers that were to appear in the video, we proceeded to import into our workflow the CAD models provided by the customer's Technical Office.

The number of pieces we found in a trailer is certainly huge. And to make things more interesting, we couldn't hide almost any of them since the script stated that in the beginning and end sequences of the video, the model of the trailer should appear to be built "a la terminator".

All this meant that we had to work with very heavy files, which had to be simplified enormously in order to then create the animation rigging, which we would use to obtain the movement of the trucks in the real video sequences.

Tras renderizar los planos, hicimos la postproducción intensiva, ya que la integración en vídeo real, del que por cierto no teníamos ninguna información de metadatos ni otro tipo, es la más desafiante. Porque, según dice Matt Leonard, y no literalmente, la composición es: "unir dos metrajes en uno solo, y que parezca que ambos han sido grabados con la misma cámara y situación". De modo que cualquier diferencia tan sutil como el grano en la imagen, puede dar al traste con la composición, y en este vídeo nadie tenía que darse cuenta de que los trailers eran digitales.

After rendering the shots, we tackled an intensive postproduction, since the integration in real video, of which we didn't have any metadata or other information, is the most challenging. In this regard, any difference as subtle as the grain in the image, can mess up the composition, and in this video no one had to realize that the trailers were digital imaginery.

All this without neglecting the usual plans of the client's facilities, both in Zaragoza and Lyon, which were recorded at UHD resolution and a quality of digital cinematography.

La edición dinámica de todos estos contenidos audiovisuales, junto a una cuidada banda sonora, desemboca en una narración que se mueve en muy diferentes registros, consiguiéndose así ese énfasis en la visión de la empresa demandado por el cliente.

A very dynamic edition of all these video contents, together with a carefully edited soundtrack, leads to a narration that moves in very different registers, thus achieving that emphasis on the vision of the company demanded by the client.

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