The requirements

Pikolin is one of our regular customers, having developed for him all kinds of content for Communication and Marketing actions, by means of video, animated 3D CGIs, and interactive contents.

To support the launch of their innovative product Smart PIK, they asked us to produce a series of videos covering different aspects and characteristics.

Our approach

After developing the script and its corresponding storyboard, our approach was to record the different actions on a set built in Zaragoza, designed by us so that, through a false window, we could emulate both day and night lighting.

Image composition from different storyboard pages

It was also necessary to have a couple who were users of the rest system, for whose selection we carried out the corresponding casting of actors according to the client's specifications.

Videoframe showing a young couple in bed

It is important to point out that, in certain sequences of the different videos, animated 3D CGIs were used, which helped to complete the decided technological and quality approach of the work.

Videoframe showing an image composition as a product presentation

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