The requirements

LeciTech is a company dedicated to the supply to the agricultural and livestock sector, of all the technical resources necessary for a better performance in its activity.

With the objective of making their Marketing and Sales channels more dynamic, they asked us to produce a corporate video that would serve as a key tool for their communication actions.

Our approach

Partiendo de la realización de una gran cantidad de grabaciones en distintas explotaciones agropecuarias de la zona de los Monegros, se llevó a cabo un montaje dinámico en el que se recorrían los principales nichos de negocio del cliente, a saber: gestión del agua, instalaciones ganaderas y fabricación de equipos.

Based on a large number of recordings in different farms in the Monegros area, covering the main business niches of the client, a dynamic video edition was carried out. So, were covered: water management, livestock facilities and equipment manufacturing.

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