Companies Race


The requirements

With the aim of strengthening the values shared by the business world and sports, ESIC-Zaragoza organizes at the end of each year an 8K race for private companies and public organizations, which runs through several of the main routes of the city.

In order to use it in social networks and other communication actions, this client asked us to carry out a follow-up video of the event.

Our approach

The correct shooting of a race of this caliber, with such a high number of participants and extension of the route, requires a detailed preproduction, through which we can size both the team in charge of the recordings, and their location and availability.

To this specific event, we selected four key points on the course, from which as many camera operators would record shots of the race.

To this footage we should add a fifth camera carried by one of the official runners of the test, as well as a sixth located on the roof of a building near the finish line and another in the timing car.

As we expected, the use of these seven cameras gave us the opportunity to carry out a tremendously dynamic cut, through which to give the right measure of this massive sporting event.

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