Locations - Málaga


The requirements

After being awarded in the corresponding public process, the CIRCE Foundation selected us to carry out a series of video contents related to the European Union's Locations project.

This initiative aims to raise public awareness of the impact on urban mobility caused by mass tourism in various cities, including Malaga, where the arriving of cruise passengers can be very problematic at different times of the year.

Video frame showing a young couple admiring the general view of Malaga from the Gribralfaro viewpoint

Without avoiding showing the problem, the narrative tone had to focus mainly on the alternatives and solutions.

Our approach

In order to make this project more dynamic, different types of content were used, such as animated 3D CGIs, motion graphics, speeches from different people in charge and technical staff, recording of video sequences clips licensed to third parties.

The narration begins in the port of Malaga, and from there follows the tourists who have just disembarked to the different points of interest in the city, while the solutions proposed by the Locations programme are presented.

Videoframe showing a 2D animation overlapping real video footage, all about cruise ship tourism

To achieve the greatest clarity in the message, the location sequences within the city were made by means of 3D camera flights over the buildings, obtained from the extrusion of maps of the area.

3D animation frame showing the city of Malaga

On the other hand, to support the narration of the different solutions proposed, a great number of 2D character animations were used.

2D animation frame showing a group of tourists disembarking from a cruise ship

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