Dual Xn


The requirements

Mondo is an international company focused on the manufacture of sports flooring and equipment, being the exclusive supply contract during the last editions of the Olympic Games, as well as many other sports events around the world.

This usual customer of us, is synonymous of constant innovation, materialized in products like the new and improved synthetic fiber 4Nx, whose virtues presented certain difficulties of presentation for the commercial team of Mondo, reason why we were entrusted the accomplishment of a multilingual video on the matter.

Our approach

As is usual in the projects of a marked technical aim, we recommended an approach based on animated 3D CGIs. This way guarantees the most clarifying images of the product, joined to a total neatness.

In all Mondo projects carried out through 3D content, we start from models provided by them, and from there we carry out a process of adaptation to our workflow. With the models already approved, we proceed to propose the storyboard, which defines the camera animations as well as the different elements present in the scene.

The definition of the appearance of both the material and the colour of the fibres deserves a special mention, as in this case both aspects are critical and differentiating for the product. In any case we always create the necessary rendering passes to be able to finely adjust these colours in postproduction.

3D animation frame showing the synthetic fibers of an artificial turf of Mondo
3D animation frame showing the detail of the stitching of the fibers of an artificial turf

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