TEVA Pharma

The requirements

TEVA is a global pharmaceutical company; it specializes in the development, production and marketing of active ingredients and medicines, both generic and branded.

Aware of the importance of having premium quality contents, which would serve as a key content in their Communication and Marketing actions, they asked us to realize a corporate video that would cover both a small historical profile of their presence in Spain and various aspects of their current industrial and logistics operations.

Our approach

To meet the requirements of this project, we carried out several recordings at the client's extensive facilities, covering the areas of laboratory, production and logistics.

Strict anti-pollution measures in the manufacturing facilities deserve a special mention here, so they forced us to cumbersome changes of aseptic clothing, different for each area, which resulted in several production days with very demanding schedules.

Frame showing lower thirds of chapters in corporate video for TEVA Pharma

With the images already registered, we proceeded to their assembly, introducing also in the narration other type of elements, at the level of animated 3D CGIs, such as floor plans of the facilities, pie charts and histograms.

Videoframe showing animated pie chart by means of 3D techniques

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