Isotherm Vehicles


The requirements

The body shop EGA, specialized in the sector of the isothermal vehicles, asked us to make a product video around its panels, assembly kits and vans.

This video was to support their marketing actions both on the Internet, trade fairs and presentations of all kinds.

Our approach

Due to the message of modularity aimed to being transmitted, showing diverse options of configuration of a vehicle; it was clear from the beginning of the project that the most suitable approach of realization went through the use of 3D CGIs.

3D animation frame showing a detail of the materials used in the floor of a fridge truck.

Once the 3D models of all the components had been generated from the CAD information provided by the client, we proceeded as usual, to study the camera and element animation, so that the narration would be clear and dynamic; combining general plans of the assembly with details of more specific parts or processes that, for some reason, needed to be highlighted.

3D animation frame showing the interior of a fridge truck.
3D animation still showing the different components of a fridge truck

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