The requirements

With its headquarters in Zaragoza, SAICA is one of the main worldwide producers of recycled paper and cardboard, thanks to its continuous R&D work in the manufacture of new types of paper, which has allowed it to offer blank finishes, for example.

To announce this effort in innovation, through the corresponding Communication and Marketing actions, the client asked us to realize a corporate video of around 1' duration, based on the different research processes involved in the design of the new generation of papers.

Our approach

According to the client's specifications, we proposed a video to be built on different shots recorded in the company's facilities, using also impressive aerial shots from drone. The shots were recorded in UHD formats of digital cinematographyvideo.

Also, at different points in the narrative, sequences generated by animated 3D CGIs were introduced.

3D animation frame showing a digital-looking whirlwind

El necesario nexo de unión entre secuencias de vídeo real y animaciones de contenidos virtuales, vendría de la mano de una serie de planos en los que se incorporarían efectos visuales añadidos por integración de imagen a las tomas de cámara.

The necessary link between real video sequences and virtual content animations, would come from a series of shots that would incorporate visual effects.

Post-production still, showing a color pattern on a cardboard box

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