Assorted Bases

Phoenix Rising Ceramics

The requirements

Without a doubt, of the many modeling for 3D printing projects carried out at VÓRTICE over the years, those tackled for Phoenix Rising Ceramics are always among the most complex.

This special difficulty is justified by the fact that they are intended to demonstrate a patented technology, capable of moulding ceramic pieces with a quality as never before.

On this occasion, the client asked us to model a series of ornamental bases on which to place various decorative objects of varying sizes, made for him in previous projects.

Our approach

In the case of this client, who requires that all their models can be easily modified in successive revisions of the designs, our usual workflow had to be modified, taking the process of 3D modelling to something "almost" completely procedural. This detail makes these projects extremely complex and at the same time daring.

Also, in this type of projects it must be taken into account that the final objective is the printing by means os stereolithography technologies, a reason that forces not to lose sight of various magnitudes, such as the minimum thicknesses reachable with todays 3d printers.

Rendering showing the filigree detail in model for 3D printing

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