Happier Shoppers


The requirements

Araven is an international company focused on the hospitality and home equipment sectors.

In order to promoteits Happier Shoppers division, we were asked by the customer's Communication and Marketing Department to create a corporate video.

Our approach

In order to respond to the needs of the client, we conceived a video articulated in three well differentiated blocks; always with the aim of not exceeding 3 minutes of duration.

Thus, we begin the narration with a semblance of the company from its beginnings in the 70s until today. In the making of this block we used an elaborate animation based on text and photographs.

A basic way to introduce important messages in a video is by means of overlapping lower-third texts

In the next block of the video, we focus on different corporate aspects, such as R&D, manufacturing, logistics, etc. For this purpose, recordings were made at different customer facilities.

Text overlay on video showing the production of a supermarket shopping cart

With regard to the sealing block, focused on the different product ranges, it was clear to us from the beginning that the register had to be changed here. Putting ourselves now in the users' shoes, through the shopping experience of those consumers and shops, we carried out for this purpose a day of recording in a real supermarket, with the intervention of several extras.

The use of actors and figuration can add a new dimension to any audiovisual production.

As a result, we obtained a video that, throughout its 2'50'' length, manages to transmit brilliantly the capacity and international dimension of our client, in a very dynamic way at the same time as convincing.

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