Caja Rural de Aragón

The requirements

Caja Rural de Aragón is a financial institution deeply rooted in the territory, on which it carries out an important structuring action.

With the intention of having a corporate video that would serve both as a promotion to society in general, and as a motivational element for its staff, we were asked to develop a creative idea around the Phoenix rugby team, sponsored by the client, emphasizing the values of: effort, perseverance, sacrifice and teamwork.

Dramatic lighting in this frame taken from a motivational video for Caja Rural de Aragón

Our approach

Certainly, there is no doubt that rugby is a sport that, like few others, has very attractive aesthetic aspects for the production of any type of video content. Knowing this, for this project we quickly opted for a cinematic approach sprinkled with epic elements, very much in line with the client's specifications.

Thus, the sequences on which we based the articulation of the narration in this project are: the hard training to be able to meet the demands, the talk before jumping to the field, the noble fight with the opponent and an uncertain end, at the same time apotheosis, which leaves no one indifferent.

With the use of a digital cinematography camera and alternating shots with tripod, crane and steadycam, the video production was carried out during an extraordinarily long and hard day, in the facilities and surroundings of the CDM Pinares de Venecia, in Zaragoza, with the full collaboration of the staff of the Phoenix Rugby Club.

Ya en postproducción, se añadieron multitud de efectos visuales (VFX) de integración de imagen.

Already in postproduction, a lot of image processing and visual effects (VFX) were added.

Post-produced videoframe showing an action during the dramatization of a rugby game
Post-produced videoframe shot with the help of a steadycam

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