Los requisitos

In order to develop different communication actions around its new line of artificial sport turf: Unite, the Marketing Department of Mondo, asked us to create an ambitious video.

The scope of this video was not limited exclusively to showing the installation process and the advantages of this product, but also to make a special mention of its manufacturing process, which is totally respectful of the environment.

Detail shot of the appearance of Mondo's Unite artificial turf, once installed

Nuestro enfoque

After arriving at a definitive text for the script, it was clear to us that the narration would be based on three different locations: a football field, the manufacturing facilities and the R&D laboratory.

In this way we sent a recording unit staff to a football field, during the several days that it took to install the turf. At the end of that process, we also recorded the evolution of the players during a ordinary training session.

With respect to the rest of locations, we shot in the client's manufacturing center in Spain; as well as in the Technology Institute of Aragon (ITA), where research into the use of biodegradable synthetic fibers is being conducted.

Videoframe showing the manufacturing process of an artificial turf

As usual at VÓRTICE, in order to have quality camera-raw footage, with which to undertake post-production with the maximum guarantees, we recorded all sequences in Digital Cinematography formats, at UHD resolution.

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