Virtual Architecture

By José Miguel Aragüés Dufol

3D Content guarantees the effective communication of the different aspects and solutions for an architectural project.

Now that the new building of the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of the University of Zaragoza is under construction, we remember the original project presented to the public competition by BAU Architecture.

Designed by Belén Borobio, then daughter of the architect who designed the original building 79 years ago, we had the opportunity to participate in this unique project, generating a series of images to defend the project during its presentation to the committee.

CAD drawings for infoarchitecture with blueprint aesthetics

Following the usual steps in every project of arcuitectural visualization, first we receive the concept plans with all the elements and their measures.

From there, architects make some sketches on photographs, taken from the more descriptive points of visualization for the buildings.

Preliminary work on infoarchitecture sketches

After that, we model the building while we present images of progress to the client, on which tehy will make notes that we will include, in turn, in the 3D models.

Sketched notes on infoarchitecture renderings

With the final approval of the models, the client selects the final views.

On them we will include different elements like vegetation, people or vehicles; that help to provide a greater visual consitency to the images, always according to the degree of photographic realism agreed for the project.

In this specific case, as it was a competition of ideas, only the main building was going to have a certain degree of realism, opting for a mock-up style for the secondary elements of the scene.

Final rendering for infoarchitecture

As usual in this type of architectural competitions, where the designs are being reworked until the last moment, there was a very tight deadline of only one weekend.

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